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Thori Tanklad OÜ was established in 2020 with the aim to offer locally produced biomethane at CBM filling stations to end consumers. 

The main difference compared to other CNG stations in Estonia, is that compressed biomethane is transported to the CBM filling station in containers and the CBM filling station is not connected to a natural gas pipeline. Metaphorically speaking, this makes it possible to set up a CBM station at the gateway of each major customer, with only mobile/data coverage needed to operate the filling station.

thori tanklad


As Thori Tanklad OÜ carries the value of environmental balance, contributes to the green revolution and a circular economy through the consumption of biomethane in transport, the name Taara, was the first name that came to mind when looking for a name for the company. (Taaraism was the indigenous religion in Estonia and Taara their god).


Unfortunately, in today's Estonia, Taara is associated more with circular packaging, and so Thor (The Scandnavian god of thunder, the sky, and agriculture) was chosen. And we cannot rule out the possibility that the name Taara is derived from Thor in the distant past?

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