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Biometaani eelised



Tanklakaardi toatlemine


Biomethane from agricultural and other biodegradable waste or residues emits nearly 10 times less CO₂ emissions than fossil liquid fuels. In fact, because methane is not emitted into the atmosphere, biomethane is hundreds of times more efficient. Cleaner urban air sets the stage for longer life and more years of healthy life.

With a Thori Tanklad customer card, you get a discount of 6 cents per €/kg at our stations.

In the application mark: 

  • Name

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Whether and what information would you like to have on the card.

  • Where you would like to pick up the card (Pärnu surubiometaani tankla* / Koksvere küla)

To request a card, send an email to:

For more information call: +372 529 3457

*Videviku 7, Pärnu

Car Dealership
thori disainid (12).png


Several well-known car manufacturers offer cars, commercial vehicles, buses and trucks with CNG engines suitable for biomethane. In Estonia, you can currently buy CNG cars from Audi, Volvo, Škoda, Opel, Volkswagen, SEAT and Fiat. Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Iveco, Scania and Volvo offer CNG commercial vehicles and buses.

An overview of CNG vehicles in Europe can be found here .  


The CNG unit can also be installed on diesel and petrol cars. This will only reduce the trunk size. There are a number of companies in Estonia that offer this service. Usually, the cost of the conversion will pay for itself within a year, after which you will spend almost half the price. Remodelling of a diesel or petrol car usually costs up to €2,000 for passenger cars and up to €8,000 for trucks.  The rebuilt petrol-engined cars then run on either petrol or methane.


In the case of diesel trucks, the addition of a CNG unit means that diesel fuel consumption remains, but is reduced by about half because methane gas is added to the air intake. 

Already today, there are also trucks (Scania, Iveco, MAN) that use only methane (CNG or CBM), in which case the engine is a gas engine and the mileage is around 400 km. 

When methane gas is liquefied, it has to be cooled to atmospheric pressure of minus 162 C and that is called liquefied natural gas (LNG) or liquefied biomethane (LBM). LNG increases the mileage of trucks by up to 1000 km. The reason for this is simple: truck CNG cylinders needs 5 litre space of compressed natural gas in order to have same amount of energy equal to 1 litre of diesel. For LNG, this volume is only 1.3 litres, which is why the mileage of LNG trucks is around 1000 km, similar to diesel trucks. 


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